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About Us

Danny is a fun loving energetic 17-year-old boy, who likes to listen to music, enjoys watching hockey games, loves the movie Shrek, and will eat ketchup with just about anything! This little Boyscout also enjoys swimming, painting, going to concerts and will never pass up an opportunity to play catch with you.

Danny is also Autistic.

Like many other children, Danny struggles with Autism, a developmental disability that too often results in a lifetime of impaired thinking, feeling and social functioning. It typically affects a person's ability to communicate, form relationships with others and respond appropriately to the external world. People with the condition often exhibit repetitive behavior or narrow, obsessive interests. Other characteristics of Autism include problems with verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction. It is considered a spectrum disorder because the characteristics and symptoms of the disorder are so very unique to each case.

Danny has a very unique characteristic all his own, and that is his ability to light up a room with his amazing smile. Despite his disability, he is eager and excited to experience the world in its entirety.

If Danny could have one wish, his wish would be for other children and people affected by Autism to experience, enjoy and love life just as much as he does. That is why we've created Danny's Wish, to help provide life enhancing resources and experiences for kids and families that deal with Autism and Autism related spectrum disorders.

Though dealing with Autism is a daily struggle that imposes many obstacles, it has never restricted Danny from trying to live life to his fullest. Danny shows us that we can look past the disability, and on to a bright future full of great opportunities and possibilities.

Help us make Danny's Wish come true!

It's all about giving.

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